St. Leonards Equitation Centre

St Leonards Equitation Centre

Andy is a well known local Horseman, having competed in both Eventing and Showjumping to a high level. He now concentrates mainly on dressage but his lessons in all disciplines are extremely informative, confidence gaining and inspiring.

St Leonards Equitation Centre has been owned and developed by Andy Reeve for over 30 years. It has been a BHS Approved Riding and Equitation Centre for over 25 years, offering riding lessons to Adults and Children from complete beginners to advanced riders with their own horses.

Equitation facilities include two all weather outdoor schools (1 at 20 x 60 and 1 at 20 x 40), a full set of showjumps and a cross-country course. Regular competitions are held in unaffiliated and affiliated Dressage.

St Leonards Equitation Centre has a wide variety of horses and ponies to suit all abilities. They are well schooled, safe horses and often compete in dressage and jumping competitions. Several of our horses compete to advanced and medium levels in Dressage.

St Leonards Equitation Centre has is renowned for it’s friendly atmosphere and lessons are informal, good fun, progressive and often quite tiring.